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Steinkjer Upper Secondary School

Steinkjer Upper Secondary School is situated in the municipality of Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag, and has approximately 1100 students and a staff of 240. From the autumn of 2011 the whole school will be located at Guldbergaunet, but until then our school will remain divided, one part at Guldbergaunet and one at Egge.

The school offers 10 out of totally 12 educational programmes, both general and vocational ones.

Programmes for general studies
Programme for Sports and Physical Education
Programme for Specialization in General Studies
- Natural Science and Mathematics Studies
- Languages, Social Sciences and Economics Studies
- Art, Craft and Design Studies

Vocational Education and Training Programmes
Health and Social Care
Restaurant and Food Processing
Service and Transport
Design and Crafts
Electricity and Electronics
Technical and Industrial Production
Building and Construction
Media and Communication

The Programme for Specialization in General Subjects is the biggest one, attended by about one third of the students.

Steinkjer Upper Secondary School is also responsible for adult education through Steinkjer Resource Centre. In addition, we organize education for prisoners in co-operation with the County Governor of Hordaland, Probation Service Region North, and Verdal Prison.

Together with Hadsel Upper Secondary School we offer technical college education with electric power as the major area of study.

On our web site you will find information about the subjects we offer, the organization of our school, the people employed here, and the distribution of responsibility. You will also find information about the rights and duties of the students, about the activities of the student council, and a lot more.

If you need further information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
Steinkjer videregående skole Besøksadresse: Elvenget 10, 7716 Steinkjer
Postadresse: Postboks 2112, Sørsileiret, 7708 Steinkjer
Tlf: 74 11 45 00 E-post: steinkjer.vgs@ntfk.no